I Gained Financial Freedom with YouTube 💯

My Story (100% Real)

I started my YouTube journey in 2019 – what inspired me to create the channel was my quest to learn as many digital skills as possible; I believe(d) being on YouTube will keep me updated with the latest digital trends.After a couple of videos which didn’t gain much conversion as easily as I expected, I concentrated on my mini importation business, while learning Forex and Crypto trading – I literally gave up on YouTube.Fast forward to 2021 when I accidentally identified a very hot trend in Crypto – I and many other people were searching for a particular video on YouTube in one day, but they were no recent video to explain the concept.With the little info provided by one outdated video on the topic, I found my foot – I got it fixed after several trials by error.A thought came to me: ”why not make a video to help others who could be searching for this concept but can’t find a recent video on it?”I acted on this immediately, having remembered that I have an ‘abandoned’ YouTube channel

Guess What?


I couldn’t believe what I saw – thousands of views in less than an hour!I had only 51 subscribers as at thenBut this video generated 103 subscribers in less than an hourI was like ”shey my eye dey pain me ni?”I quickly made another video on the same subject, and – similar result was recorded! I got over 300 subscribers in two days, and little over 400 subscribers before the trend ended.I was then motivated to stay consistent on YouTube with what works for me.But trust me, this wasn’t juicy… fast-forward to early 2022, at about 463 subscribers, I almost gave up again because the contents I enjoyed making (on my favorite digital skill, Forex) didn’t yield much conversions, until something happened…I began to spend so many hours of the day carrying out research on how to get better. I didn’t seem to get tangible answers to my questions… I struggled… but I persisted.Notwithstanding, I lost all my life savings and emptied my forex trading account on #LUNA_CRASH (a lesson well learnt)💔 I was hopelss… I was depressed… My health was failing me, but I persisted.I kept making videos, very informative videos, but I wasn’t earning money – I was pushing for YouTube monetization. Had I seen a YouTube Money Machine, I wouldn’t have passed through all that☹️

In April 2022, something happened, and I gained about 750 subscribers and 1.5k watch hoursA thought came in: ”how long shall I continue to pursue 1k subs when I still have about 3.5k watch hours to crush; why not look for a way to make money while pursing this threshold?” I asked myself 🤔

Here Came The Game Changer!

At this stage, I lifted the ‘burden’ off my head down to my shoulder. I tried several hacks on how to make money, with little to no attention to adsense. I began to feel like the boss😎 😂 Almost in the same week that I took that decision, I printed my first $100 from YouTube!🤑Not because I had subscribers Not because I had some watch hoursBut, because I discovered the YouTube Money Machine!I replicated that consecutively and the results were overwhelming.Just about the middle of the next week, I printed my first $1000 using the YouTube Money Machine (YTMM)🤑I ‘forgot’ the existence of YPP (Adsense)and its requirements. I stopped checking my watch hours and subscribers count – I needed them no more! 🤩When I eventually got monetized, I was notified by YouTube via email. My application was granted swiftly and I started earning the ‘peanuts’ I was labouring so hard (unknowingly) to achieve. Even though it’s more than the monthly withdrawal threshold ($100), I never cared to touch it- because I expected more ab initio.Had I not discovered the YTMM, I would have abandoned YouTube permanently for more time on my charts, because my earnings from Forex trading was way higher than what I saw on my adsense account.

Guess what?

I noted all my mistakes and documented all that worked for me – because I learnt to do this from Forex trading I created a second channel to test these discoveries and my first video gained over 3k views the same day; I printed $150 from that channel the same day; I got 1.7k subscribers in 3days (proof available) and got monetized in 21days😍I didn’t stop there!🚨I like to test ‘a strategy’ over and over again to be sure of its winning rate before going live with it (Forex taught me).I’ve tried this on over seven YouTube channels (owned by friends and colleagues), and they all blew up 🔥 Hence, I’ve organized this into a 20-video course called the YOUTUBE MONEY MACHINE This course contains many sub-courses I sell 5k and above, but because I discovered them through the YTMM, and one can’t go without the other, I added all of them to make the best quality online course anyone will ever buy anywhere in the world💯 I don’t believe many people will afford the real worth of this course hence I jettisoned the actual price ($1,000)My interest is to see as many testimonials as possible from you and others who will jump in early before I raise the price.

Price: N20k (to be raised once I get 20 testimonials)Easter Promo: N10,000 (ends in 24hrs!)I’m very sure you’ll get results in less than 21days, but if you don’t after 30days, request for 💯 refundPay here and send proof of payment 👇

Don’t Jump to the Sale too Quickly: Long Form is All About Building Rapport

This dark background is another way to create visual variety on your page and keep it interesting. If you use a dark background with light text, keep it short. Light text on a dark background is harder on the eyes than dark text on a light background.

The Simple Storytelling Rule for Sales: Convince First, Sell Second!

Remember that long form sales pages are about relating to your reader. Don’t jump right in and start talking about your product.

Instead, tell a story. Write about how things feel. Write about problems, frustrations, experiences, triumphs. Think about a movie or TV series – it’s all about the characters and how much you care about them. And you only care about them if you can relate to them.

Trying to sell too soon is the most commonly made mistake – not only on long form sales pages. Even if your page is short and visual, without relating to your customer, you can’t make sales.

Also remember that what you’re looking at is only a template. Maybe you want to spend more time on the story. Maybe you want to add several more headline + text blocks, to really elaborate and evoke emotions. With Thrive, you can easily do so (just duplicate some of the existing blocks). Let the template inspire you, but don’t let it limit you.

Using Image Sections to Add a Visual Element

Below is an example of a simple image section: use images or icons to illustrate a point you’re making. This can assist in your story telling or be used to showcase features (although only if you use it further down the page, after the product reveal).

Keep it simple. You can use the icon feature in Thrive Architect for the images.

Don’t over-explain in these text sections below each individual image.

Let the images do the talking. If something needs more explaining, add a text block below.

Get Your Points Across by Using Lists

  • Create a nice list of points here. What are the points about? Anything you want. This could be a summary of the page so far, for example (remember those scanners?).
  • Make your content easy to digest.You can think of the layouting/formatting task on a sales page in this way: the goal is to present nice, appetizing, bite-sized morsels for your reader. Don’t hit them over the head with big words or long paragraphs. Make it easy and fun to experience your sales page.
  • Once you know this, you’ll want my product.That’s the result you should aim for with your content. Once your reader understands the story and all the points you’ve made, they will truly understand the value of your product (or service, or whatever you’re selling).

In this Text Block, Start Transitioning to the Solution You’re Offering…

You’ve set the scene. You’ve captured your visitors’ attention. You’ve related to them and told them everything they need to know to truly understand what your product is about. Now it’s time to start introducing them to the product.

Keep one thing in mind: your product is the solution. At first, don’t talk about it in terms of a product. Talk about how you found a solution and about how this same solution can help others too. Why do all this? Because if you set it up right, you will be the opposite of the slimy, used car salesman stereotype we all despise… you will not be pushing product, you’ll be doing everyone a favor.

Here is a Smaller Sub-Heading for Extra Emphasis

Try mixing paragraphs with sub-headings of two different sizes (H2 and H3). You can use smaller sub-headings like the one above to make an important point or for quotes that relate to your story.

Ever notice how non-fiction authors love to use quotes throughout their books? That’s because quotes are a nice change of page and they lend authority and gravitas to what you’re saying.

Similarly, you can use subtle text highlights, text boxes, short paragraphs, sub-headings and other text formatting to draw your reader’s eye to important parts of the text. This also helps break up the page, to prevent wall-of-text-syndrome.

This is Where the BIG REVEAL happens


Now it’s time to present your offer as the perfect solution to everything you’ve been talking about so far in your story.

While we were holding back before, it’s now time to be very specific. Talk about your product, what it is, what your customer gets when they purchase. At this point, after all the buildup, your readers really want to know what you have to offer, so don’t hold back.

  1. 1Show a product image: it’s always a good idea to have a visual representation of your product. It makes it more tangible and more “real” in your reader’s mind.
  2. 2The power of the points list: use this list to emphasize the most important benefits of your product.
  3. 3Benefits over features: for every feature your product has, try to translate it into a benefit (i.e. a positive end-result your customer will get).


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What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“Social proof comes with customer testimonials.”

“Customer testimonials are a powerful conversion element. Display them here to demonstrate that your product has many customers and that those customers are very happy with their purchase.

We like to do what many others have done already. There’s safety in numbers. Testimonials can be used to give your visitor that sense of safety.”

Shane Melaugh
– Job Title or Role

“Here’s what the perfect testimonial looks like…”

“The perfect testimonial looks a lot like this one: it has a heading (this shows the best part of the testimonial), one or two paragraphs of text, an image, a name and (optionally) a role to go along with the name. Also note the use of quotation marks in the testimonial text.

Samantha Allen
– Job Title or Role

“Can you ever have too many testimonials?”

“It’s a fair question: can you have too many testimonials?

The answer is: you can, but the problem is usually not the amount but the quality of the testimonials. If you have good, enthusiastic and real testimonials that mention specific details and benefits, don’t shy away from adding 10, 15, 20 or even more to the page.Just don’t add a ton of boring or generic testimonials.

Shane Melaugh
– Job Title or Role

Welcome to the Main Purchase Section

Here we have a highly attractive purchase section. We display another paragraph of text, which is a strong call to action to your readers. In addition, we have a product image, unmissable large button and some guarantee and safety symbols.

Product NameProduct Name

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

“Keep displaying testimonials for social proof.”

“Here, we have a second testimonials section, right after the purchase section. Now that we’ve asked the reader to pull the trigger, they might feel some resistance and testimonials can help reassure them.”We like to do what many others have done already. There’s safety in numbers. Testimonials can be used to give your visitor that sense of safety.

Shane Melaugh
– Job Title or Role

“Pick the right kinds of testimonials to show here…”

“If you have any testimonials that include stories of how a customer had some doubts about your product, but was then won over by the high quality, your friendly support etc. those are perfect for displaying in this area of the sales page.

Samantha Allen
– Job Title or Role
Shane Melaugh

Creator of [Product Name]

About the Author

When selling online, it’s easy to forget that people prefer buying things from other people. If there’s any element of personal branding in your product, use this section to write a few paragraphs about yourself.

Keep it short, as this page is about your product, not your life story. But a few personal details mentioned here can help build rapport with your reader. It’s a reminder that there’s a real, trustworthy person behind this product and they aren’t buying from a faceless corporation.

It’s Time to Start Addressing Your Visitor’s Last-Minute Objections

After the first call to action, use testimonials, case studies, more points lists and more text blocks to address all possible objections your visitors may have. Knowing these objections is very important… and you can learn all about them by talking to your customers and visitors. Give them a way to communicate with you and you’ll quickly learn what’s on your reader’s mind as she goes through this page.

This part of the sales page can be a lot longer than it is in this template. There may be many objections that come up and you can address them all. If you dedicate a separate text block or a sub-heading to each one, your visitors can easily find the ones they have on their minds and skip the rest.

Use Sub-Headings Before Every Major Objection You Address

People are risk averse. We dread making a mistake and wasting our time and money on something that turns out to be rubbish. This is the part of the sales page where you can appease all those worries. One of the most important things you must learn about people in your market is what kinds of objections they have, so that you can effectively address them here.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Here’s a section that you can use for many purposes. For example, you can use it to showcase how your solution is better than other solutions out there. Or, compare the problems your reader is facing right now with the great solutions they’ll enjoy once they purchase.

The Pros List

  • Proin arcu nulla, varius sit amet ligula ut, porta convallis dui.
  • Nullam feugiat est porta, semper felis iaculis, luctus nisi.
  • Aliquam ac ipsum convallis, dignissim lacus ut, maximus enim.
  • Phasellus nec arcu non augue egestas
  • Duis accumsan, dui et semper

The Cons List

  • Proin arcu nulla, varius sit amet ligula ut, porta convallis dui.
  • Nullam feugiat est porta, semper felis iaculis, luctus nisi.
  • Aliquam ac ipsum convallis, dignissim lacus ut, maximus enim.
  • Phasellus nec arcu non augue egestas
  • Duis accumsan, dui et semper

Product NameProduct Name

Here’s a “What You Get” Section (Plus the Second Call to Purchase)

  • Vivamus sit amet lacus eu odio lacinia efficitur venenatis quis tellus. Ut eget
  • Sed egestas diam vel iaculis dapibus.
  • Fusce tortor lorem, fringilla et tortor
  • Pellentesque non facilisis purus, id
  • Facilisis purus, id lorem ipsum ultrices
  • Ultrices erat nubia nostra himenaeos.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t get [a specific benefit that your product promises] by [a specific span of time in which you guarantee your product to yield results], just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have content ideas?

The YouTube Money Machine will show you how to start getting content ideas even if you ”have no skill” at all. We have developed a simple algorithm to psyche you and identify the best selling niche you never knew you have millions of ideas on.

How do I get to learn how YouTube works?

We understand that not everyone knows how YouTube generally works, and how to navigate the YouTube studio and its UI hence we have made a video masterclass that teaches you all of these from start to finish.

How can I cope with the YouTube tasks consistently?

Your major aim with this course on YouTube is to make money. If there’s literarily a machine you press and it begins to print money, you wouldn’t want to stop . Hence, the YTMM has been made to ensure consistent earning with less efforts; hence you wouldn’t think of stopping!

How do I withdraw the money I make?

The YouTube Money Machine reveals entirely different ways of earning money on YouTube than anyone has revealed to you, hence withdrawal or its method is part of the core secrets you’ll learn in the course.

What tools/equipment do I need to get started?

If you can see this, then you have ALL you need to get started – smartphone and internet  connection. This course will show you how.

P.S.: Welcome to the post script section of the page. You can have one or several of these. This part is all about loss aversion. Here is where you can remind your reader that if they don’t jump on this opportunity right now they will be missing out.After the post scripts, use the link below to link to your purchase section or the checkout page.

Yes, I want to start getting [benefit] now!

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