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Enroll for our one-on-one Crypto course today, learn how to trade and make money like a pro with our crypto trading mastery course.

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Course Objectives

At the end of this training, student will be able to:

tell the meaning, classification and types of crypto

tell the relationship and difference between crypto and other forms of currencies.

signup and make deposits and withdrawals in all crypto trading platforms and wallets

carry out all forms crypto transactions and payments such as BUY, SELL, TRANSFER across trading platforms

do basic and advanced forms of technical and fundamental analysis to know what coin to buy, sell, or invest in, and when to do so.

understand the basic and advanced concepts of DEFI, NFTs, metaverse, bitcoin cycle, macroeconomics and geopolitics


Course Outline

Basics of Cryptocurrency

You will learn the meaning of money Bitcoin/cryptocurrency; types and classification of crypto; blockchain technology, tools for crypto trading and investment, and storage

Crypto Market & Trading Platforms

You will learn how to setup your accounts on CEX and DEX trading platforms; KYC, how to deposit and withdraw from CEX and DEX trading platforms, and basic spot trading.

Storage & DEX Trading

You will learn cryptocurrency storage, types of wallet and how to set them up for trading. You will also learn how to perform different kinds of DEX trading with hot wallets.

Crypto Arbitrage Trading

You will learn our basic and advanced secrets of spotting, analyzing and trading different kinds of crypto arbitrage opportunities for maximum profitability in the crypto market.

Basics of Technical Analysis

You will learn how to perform basic technical analysis with candlestick patterns, S/R, etc., to know when to buy and when to sell cryptocurrencies for better profitability.

Fundamental Analysis

You will learn how to do crypto research and know WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy, and WHEN to sell. We will show you all the tools and platforms we use, and what we focus on for best results.

Crypto Deep Dive

You will understand the Bitcoin trilema, in-depth of blockchain layers and projects therein. We will teach you the basic and advanced concepts of consensus mechanisms and a lot more.

Decentralized Finance (DEFI)​

We will teach you; the meaning and utility of DEFI, passive income and its methods, how to value DEFI tokens to find gems, and we will show you the advanced tools we use for maximum profits

ICO, IDO, IEO & Launchpads

You will learn how to research, analyze and make informed decisions on ICO/IDO projects and trade like a pro. We will also teach the meaning of airdrops how to make money with them.​

Advanced TA & Futures Trading

You will learn how to trade futures, analyze and make informed trading decisions using Tradingview and our professional tools. Advanced Technincal Indicators, Regression, Smart Concepts part 1&2

Macroeconomics & Geopolitics

You will learn how the world politics affects cryptocurrency and crypto market, we will teach you the technical sides of fundamental analysis and how to stay on top of the game with our topnotch analytical tools. DXY-Stock-Crypto Correlations

Crypto Market Cycles

You will learn the advanced parts of Bitcoin cycle & season, Altcoin Cycle & season, Bull & Bear market trading strategies and how to get rich with them, and you'll be able to spot bull and bear market tops and bottoms respectively with our advanced TA & FA tools.

Course Duration & Schedule

Weekdays (12 Weeks)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

2 Sessions Per Day

Morning Session: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Afternoon Session: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Note: Students can only choose one session

Price: ₦150,000 + Free accommodation

Weekend Classes (15 Weeks)

Saturdays Only

2 Sessions Per Day

Morning Session: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Afternoon Session: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Note: Students can only choose one session

Price: ₦150,000


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  • Passport Photograph
  • A Laptop and/or Smartphone with at least 4GB RAM and enough disk space.
  • The Passion to Learn


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6. May, 2023
If i say im learning so much from techman tech, thats an understatement, awesome tech knowledge on here, kudos
6. May, 2023
Glad to learn about what you do here at TECHMAN Technologies. Thank you so much for the content you share.
Michael Amah
Michael Amah
6. May, 2023
We offer first hand quality technical and digital skills here. Apply now
Nwokporo Ifeanyi
Nwokporo Ifeanyi
4. May, 2023
Techman Technologies is highly recommended for your professional Web design and digital marketing. I attested to that after engaging myself in their one week free training on the packages with their team of expert. To be candid, their methods of teaching and grooming a beginner in the digital world is second to none.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay on installment?

We accept 60% deposit. Balance should be paid within 2 weeks.

Where are you located?

2 Nwankwo Street, Vanco Junction, Abakaliki

Will I complete the training within the duration?

Yes, you can. we are also open to extend the duration of your training at no extra cost.

I have other questions, how do I reach you?

Please call us on +2347 0396 97767 or send us a message on whatsapp with the “Send whatsapp Message” Button you are seeing on your screen

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